A Tribute To The Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo
A Rare Car!!!

This is a rare car. There are only a handful in Massachusetts let alone the New England area and you don't see them up for sale too often. Every now and then I'll see one on the road but mostly you see the regular model Celica from these years. This particular model Celica was only imported to the USA from 1990 to 1993. 
I love this car. It's absolutely excellent in many ways. Handling is firm and precise, and when you need to accelerate and the turbo kicks in, it gets going! I once test drove a 96 Prelude and when I got back into my All-trac I knew there was no comparison. Fahrvegnugen thy name is Celica All-Trac Turbo!!! (Please note that this is a tribute site to this car. I no longer own it.) 
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These are some of the major features of this car: 
    - All Wheel Drive
    - 200 HP 2.0 liter 4-cylnder twin-cam 16-valve engine turbo EFI with air-cooled intercooler
    - HKS Freeflowing air filter and exhaust. Adds 15hp <-- added later $1000 
    - Alpine Alarm system with passive arming (installed by Rich's), valet switch.  <-- added for $500
    - 5-Speed Manual Transmission 
    - Leather wrapped steering wheel, Variable-assist power rack-and-pinion steering.
    - Brakes:  Power-assisted front ventilated four-wheel disc with ABS
    - Suspension: MacPherson strut with off-set coil springs, low-pressure gas-filled struts and ball 
       joint-type stabilizer bar
    - Tires: 215-50-15Z Dunlop SP Sport 5000 All weather.
    - Dual position sunroof
    - Turbo gauge (just a gauge to show it at work, no numbers)
    - AC, PS, PB, Cruise… Everything! Cloth seats. 
    - Nonsmoker. never smoked in. 
    - Current mileage: 132,500
    - Exterior color black, interior is gray. 
    - Hatchback, more storage room with seats down. 

The stock rating is 200 horsepower however most cars are not quite at the stated level from the manufactuter. With the addition of the HKS freeflowing air filter and exhaust it's at least that if not more. You feel the difference immediately when pressing the accelerator, it just goes. The Alpine alarm is excellent and will not go off by accident. It can be set so that the alarm is off and pressing the button acts as automatic door lock/unlock. This is useful when leaving the car with valet or mechanic. 

Once you drive AWD you'll never want to go back. This car has amazing traction in wet weather and snow. You will never get stuck in normal snow conditions. The car fits wider than normal tires which aid in grip and traction. The car has a very balanced feel in handling. It seems centered as opposed to being front or rear balanced which would make it feel like one end or the other might give way on a steep curve. Quite the opposite. Throw it hard into a curve like on a highway exit offramp and it holds and sticks like glue to the road.

The turbo gives the engine great acceleration when it kicks in whether its getting onto the highway, going up a hill, or accelerating from 60 to 70 or 70 to 80 in few seconds. Due to the nature of the free flowing air filter, when the turbo kicks in, you will hear the air being sucked into the engine at high speed. :) 


Click here to learn about the maintenance and why I'll never go back to the mechanics who worked on the car. 
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Contact me here for comments, suggestions etc. (It's not for sale, I don't own it anymore.)   

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