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On 1/9/97:
Name -> Sheki
Location: -> WaterMax
URL -> coolness is not having a web page...
Comments ->

Steve Haney visited from Owings Mills, MD USA on 1/10/97.
URL -> Web page
Comments -> Greetings and Salutations. Nice looking pages!

On 1/10/97:
Name -> Steve DePalma
Location: -> Medford, MA
Comments -> What's a Zmax?

On 1/10/97:
Name -> Jay
Location: -> Boston, MA
Comments -> I like the page's new look!

On 1/10/97:
Name -> Andy Hommel
Location: -> work (Boston)
URL -> you kidding?
How -> I'm using Netscape 3.0
Comments -> Hi Mark!

On 1/11/97:
Name -> Twinkle a.k.a. Tracy
Location: -> Tucson
URL -> Twinkle Web page
Comments -> Hi - You're page has come a long way baby! It looks mahvelous!
Party on HTML dude.
It's been cold here in Tucson, brrr!

On 1/11/97:
Name -> Michele
Location: -> Columbus, OH
URL -> Michele Web page
Comments -> Nice web page!

On 1/13/97:
Name -> Nique Fajors
Location: -> New York City
URL -> Nique's African History Web page
Comments -> I like your site. Please visit mine.

On 1/15/97:
Name -> Stephen Cole
Location: -> Cambridge, MA
Comments -> Hi David. I've linked in on your page. Look forward to further adventures.

On 1/19/97:
Name -> Wenzman
Location: -> Aachen, Germany
Comments -> was there. saw. liked.

On 1/29/97:
Name -> The Spud
Location: -> Boston
URL ->
Comments -> What pathetic excuse is this for a home page? KRAP!
Actually it's pretty cool...bastard. Show me how...
IAn El Spud

On 4/1/97:
Name -> Elvis
Location: -> Stop and Shop, Checkout 11
URL -> Elvis Lives!
Comments -> Time for some smokin' ribs, baby!

On 5/26/97:
Name -> John G Evans
Location: -> Yosemite N P
Comments -> Geek says, Cool!

On 6/5/97:
Name -> John R. Cohen
Location: -> Metropolis
URL -> None
Comments -> Hello David--I sent your web page by e-mail to my father
and promised that if he clicked in to Howard Stern that he would
find sex--so do not be surprised if you hear from him by e-mail
(if he can figure out how to do it on his new and firstt computer.)

On 12/11/97:
Name -> I forget
Location: -> yes
URL -> no
Comments -> David I got cuaght up on some mad site because of you.
shame shame where does that fit in netequitte?

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