F . A . Q .

Why .ORG? Your site does't look like a .ORG? Why not .COM or .NET?!

Because at the time I registered it .COM and .NET were taken. The dot com was some Corporation  that later changed their name and so they sold their domain for untold riches to some company about car chemical stuff with the name of zmax. The dot net was an ISP until went out of business. I was watching it for it's expiration but some speculator snapped it up before I could. So I emailed him and he let me have the .NET for $15. So if you type in zmax.net you'll get here now. Initially I had the .NET directly attached to this one however the waves of spam were so great that I now use an indirect redirect and the spam goes into the ether. I made up the name Zmax with a friend of mine when we were in band called Protonoid back in 1989, long before there ever was a Zmax corporation or car stuff or whatever. We have nothing to do with any of them. Zmax means a lot of other things including math terms and a motorcycle engine. 

At any rate, the .org and .net domain designations become meaningless to their original intentions once the internet craze hit and .com's were snapped up like tulip bulbs in the 1880's in Holland. And we all know what happened next. I suppose in a way .org is appropriate anyway because this site is not for profit. 

Why does Paypal suck?!

Where do I start? Just go look at the paypalsucks or paypalwarning webpages and find out! 

Why are you always under construction?!

Cause I have to toil for a living and don't have time to get to all the ridiculous crap and fodder I want to put on here. But little by little I will! I'll choke up the internet with all this wanking zodbonk if it's the last thing I do!!!
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