And now:
THE Greatest Flash Animation EVER!!!

XiaoXiao has become quite prolific of late, and in order to keep up I have now devoted an entire page to his amazing and incredible work with flash. Gotta love the Matrix imagery!!! Here follows some links to his work however they may or may not be working. It seems when someone puts up the files somewhere they get hit so hard by the bandwidth used that it gets deleted.  

The Serious Bird tribute site was been taken over by however due to bandwidth requirements it was taken down. They were getting hit with over 15 gig a day and could not support that anymore. I'm trying to get some of the information that was there and if I do I will post it here. For now just do a search on or something to try and find the files. 

A couple of my favorites:

Fight3: watch one guy take out hordes of figures and the Boss.
Fight! CLICK IT!!!!

Fight 4: More of an interactive game where you can participate:
fight 4 Game!!!


Here is a flash by the same guy but different stuff happening. Note the tv in the background on the second floor. . . Oh and check out this other cool flash game.

See Also

Those links may or may not work. . . 


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