I spoke to Atle, Jarl's brother,  about creating a web site for Jarl. He was very happy abut the idea. More and more people are building communities on line and remembering people who have passed on in this way. In the past, people would only see family photos or albums when visiting family who may live far away.  But now people separated by distance can see those photos and communicate over the web anytime. Jarl and Atle had a vision for the future and it tied in with research they were doing and positive human character traits they wanted to see perpetuated in daily life. The idea behind the web site is not only to remember Jarl, but to promote the research he and Atle were working on and the high ideals for which they strove. 

So why this and why here? I was originally  going to put this on my domain glowsquid.com but after deciding to give up that domain, to put it on zmax.org. What about glowsquid.com? Jarl and I spent many emails discussing the web and ideas and domain names. It's hard enough to find a good domain name given how most of the good ones are taken let alone one that is unique and offbeat. If I had put this on glowsquid.com, Jarl would've appreciated the irony and subtle humor of it. Here is what Jarl had to say about glowsquid.com. 

This web site is a creation of the people who knew him for a brief span of time in Boston, and who would like to remember him in a positive and creative way. If you have any photos or stories about Jarl you would like to contribute, please email them to me. 

Thanks to:
Sheila for her photos. 

Rabbi Bernhard Pressler for the eulogy text. Rabbi Presler has a web site here.

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