It was late afternoon, Columbus Day 1997, and I just got off the T at North Station.  Two young good-looking men were approaching and asked for directions to Tremont Street.  They were no where near their destination, so I inquired as to what they were looking for on Tremont Street.  Curiously enough, they were unsure.  They said they were visiting from out of town and were exploring the city for the day.  They wanted to see and learn about Boston.  I suggested they follow the Freedom Trail through the North End which would lead them downtown to Boston Commons; a fool-proof scenic way for them to get to their destination.  I offorded them a tourist map that I had and walked the few blocks to the North End with them.  I directed them to the right and wished them well as I went to the left towards Charlestown.  I crossed the street thinking it was a shame that I would never see them again.  Then suddenly I heard someone call out to me.  I turned and saw this six foot, blonde haired, blue eyed guy.  It was Jarl who had followed me across the street.  He asked for my number so that we could meet again when he moved to town.  He made my day!
That was the start of a wonderful, caring, loving relationship.  Jarl was a beautiful person.  He was a handsome, intelligent, athletic gentleman; however his most striking attributes were those found within.  Jarl was unique in that he cared so deeply about the welfare of others and the manner in which people interacted with each other.  He was a compassionate man and truely wanted to make the world a more loving place.  He valued integrity and mutual respect in his daily life.  Whenever he would meet a new soul, he was genuinely interested in learning about them.  A true friend, Jarl would be there to listen, show support, and offer unbiased thoughtful advice.
As a girlfriend of Jarl's, I saw his sweet sensitive side.  He was loving, affectionate, and sincere.  He was always willing to offer a hug and a kiss and never turned down a back rub!  He was gentle and kind.  I think of myself as a typical average gal.  Yet when I was with Jarl, he made me believe I was a beautiful, intelligent, special human being.  I gained inner strength and a greater self confidence.  It is hard for me to believe I will never see him again.  I can not describe how much I miss his friendship. Fortunately, the experiences and memories I have will last my lifetime.  

I love you Jarl.