1996 Mazda MX6 LS
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An Awesome Car!!!

This is an awesome car. I love this car. It's absolutely excellent in many ways. Handling is firm and precise, and when you need to accelerate it gets going! (Sorry, it's not for sale anymore!)
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Here's what they're saying: 

From CarSurvey.org:
"Drop dead gorgeous styling, near perfect ergonomics, superb handling, and the most wonderful V6 going. This engine is a soulful, rev-happy sweetheart that pulls to its 7000 rpm redline (and beyond) so willingly it's hard to keep the revs down. It's as smooth at high rpms as any I've driven and has reserves of power at the top that are surprising.  Its reliability is the best I've experienced in any car. Because of its inherent goodness I've begun a series of major modifications that should at least double the horsepower and give it handling to match. I plan on keeping the car indefinitely. "

Edmunds Review:
Built in Flat Rock, Mich., on the same assembly line as the Mazda 626 and Ford Probe, the Mazda MX-6 is one of the sexiest shapes to grace showrooms. Seemingly styled after Europe's Opel Calibra, the MX-6 exudes class. With the LS trim-level, which includes Mazda's creamy-smooth 2.5-liter V6, bigger tires mounted on attractive alloy wheels, four-wheel disc brakes, fog lights, power sunroof, air conditioning and an alarm system, the MX-6 is quite a performer, offering outstanding braking, handling, and acceleration. Load on the Leather Package, and the MX-6 LS becomes a budget Lexus SC coupe. 

Fortunately, Mazda has chosen to offer two price levels for the MX-6. The base MX-6 can be had for a reasonable price that will put a smile on the face of the thrifty shopper who is looking for something a little more frisky than an Accord Coupe. Those who want the extra "oomph" of a V6 engine, and the increased driving satisfaction that accompanies it, can opt for the MX-6 LS. The LS costs a whopping $4,600 more than the base model, but is loaded with a host of standard equipment that makes the car a pleasure to behold, not to mention drive. 

From Edmunds Forum: 
7 of 11  MX-6 Lover by asunami  Dec 28, 2000 (11:37 am) 
I had a 1996 Mazda MX-6 s. I loved the car. Arguabley one of the best handling road cars money can buy. Adequate power stock, and furthermore easily (and less expensive than say a civic) modified to become much more powerful. In fact, with a little poking one can find 400+ hp MX-6's floating around. I was on my way to making it a rocket, but a left turn on a very busy road with a motorist speeding put an end to that. Car totalled end of story. I looked for an MX-6 to replace it, as I only had 36,000 original miles, it was just impossible to find others who babied that car. I upgraded to 1993 RX-7, my dream car. I would have had one sooner if I realized just how easy it was to find one for a good price. With proper shopping, one can find an owner who was obsessively cult like in his maintanence, and pick up a babied RX-7 '93-95, with low miles for 14-$22,000. In my humble opinion best bang for the buck. But I can honestly say the MX-6 was the second best car I ever owned, and I still miss it. 

These are the major features of this car: 
- Sun Roof
- Wing
- 165 HP 2.5L 24V 6cyl DOHC engine.
- 5sp Manual Transmission
- Cruise Control 
- Pwr Mirrors 
- Dual Air Bags 
- Pwr Door Locks 
- Pwr Windows 
- Rear Window Defroster 
- Tinted Glass 
- Variable Assist Pwr Steering 
- Tilt Steering Wheel 
- Digital Clock 
- Trip Odometer
- F&R Stabilizer Bars 

- F MacPherson Strut 
- Leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter
- Dual Visor Vanity Mirrors 
- Headlights On Warning Tone 
- Dual Seatback Pockets
- Cargo Compartment and Reading/Map Lights. 
- A/C 
- Remore Keyless Entry and Alarm 
- AM/FM ETR Stereo Radio w/Cass (6 Spkrs); 
- Pwr F&R Disc Brakes 
- 15" Alum Alloy Wheels w/P205/55VR15 BSW Tires 
- Variable Intermit Wipers; 
- F&R Mats 
- Power Antenna 
- Fog Lights
- Current mileage: 33,500
- Exterior color silver/gray with a greenish tinge. Very nice! 
- Interior is black leather. 

Most people who own cars like this are enthusiasts and maintain their cars meticulously. I am no exception. I also feel that it's in mine and my passengers best interests to maintain the car at peak operating capacity. 

Currently the only work needed was tune up, oil changes and tire rotations. Recently had the radiator flushed and new coolant added. Oil changed every 3000 miles. Using Mobil 1 10W30 (synthetic) since 23k miles. Synthetic oil stops virtually all wear to an engine (based on research) so at this point the engine will be in excellent condition for a long time to come. 

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- MX6.COM!

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- email comments etc. Sorry, the car is NOT for sale!

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