Of course at this point these demos are only good on point release 1.17 or something. Oh well.

AGQx FFA on Ace's 4/29/00 - these were taken during mad frenzy before group pic!
1) FFA1 - playing (totally insane!)
2) FFA2 - spectator (unbelievable action!!!!)
3) FFA3 - end

AGQx Group Pic on Ace's 4/29/00 - in order...
1) GroupPic1
2) GroupPic2
3) GroupPic3
4) GroupPic4
5) GroupPic5

Shogo R00lz Weapons Mod Server on 2/13/00
Featuring the likes of players such as: RenegadeMasta, Voodoom, Solares, Cloner and more...
1) Q3DM1 - DM1 with rail. Cool stuff. Not that long. I suck.... :) 43k
2) Q3DM7 - Great fast action with 110 fov.  123k
3) Q3DM3 - Sarge Brigade, this one is fun.  283k
4) Q3DM5 - 5 folks in the fog. 152k
5) All of the above in one file.  1mb

Digital Warriors Demo Server 2/13/00
1) Q3DM1 - What else?! DM1 R00LZ!!!! About 10 folks having a blast!

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