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8-8-2003 - News!
After about a year of not playing I upgraded to 1.32 and had some problems. I looked up what was wrong on quake3world forums and also why it seems many people are still running 1.31 (and even earlier versions!) Here is what I found: 
As someone brought the cd-key issue up again, I need to adress it.
The 'invalid cdkey', 'mistyped cdkey?' and 'client_unknown_to_auth' messages are not PB-related issues. id Software updated and turned on the master cdkey auth server after the 1.32 patch. As PB was added with 1.32, everyone seems to believe it's due to PB.

I'll give you some help here none the less, as we've been doing a lot of testing with players to get their Q3 to run.

Some players report that deleting the q3key file from the various folders where the game is installed will fix the problem after they re-enter their cdkey one more time. Others say that connecting to servers inside the game instead of using an external game browser such as gamespy or all-seeing-eye will fix the problem.

Sometimes the file holding the cdkey can get corrupted and can cause this problem. In working with other players, we have found that the following fixes this problem:

1) Exit the game
2) Use your windows explorer to browse to the directory where Quake3 is installed
3) Then browse into the 'baseq3' subdirectory
4) Delete the file called 'q3key'
5) Then launch Quake3 from the original Quake3 icon or start | programs menu (i.e. don't launch into a mod or by using GameSpy, etc.)
6) It should at this point ask you for your cdkey, you should re-enter your original 16 character cdkey at this point and exit the game. Be sure to enter the 16 character cdkey on your quake3 cd-case in all lower case letters (e.g. enter 'a' and NOT 'A' from your cd-key). NOTE: If your cdkey has 18 characters, then you are not finding the right key. Team Arena keys have 18 characters, Quake3 keys have 16.

If this does not fix the problem, then perhaps there is some type of firewall or security software blocking your game's communication to id's cdkey auth server. Be sure that UDP port 27952 is open for clear communication if you have a firewall or some type of security software.

Also, we have heard from some players that entering '/timescale 100' into the console when this happens solves the problem immediately for them.

This should fix your problem.

and as a precaution make ur key file read only.

Welcome. I got Q3A when it first came out and promptly put up this website. So yea this was one of the first Q3A websites. Admittedly not the biggest or the baddest or whatever but who the fuck cares anyway?! I had the good fortune at the time to be able to run servers so I placed all my knowledge about running them on here. And then some Linksys Router info which may or may not be out of date at this point. 

And before I forget I must give a shout out to the Songs For Deathmatch web site and music!!! I listened to the real audio samples and then ordered both CD's as fast as I could. The music is awesome for game play or just listening to like your other CD's. 
 Any questions or comments email me

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Check out the Old News Archive. . .

Shogo R00lz Q3A

Why Shogo R00lz?! Cause SHOGO is a fantastic FPS deathmatch game that never quite took off as much as it should. Fast and furious deathmatch, the kind you're now getting into with Q3, was around two years before with Shogo. Now the Quakers are finding out what the Shogo folks have known for quite some time. 

Yes I used to run some servers but I lost access to the machines. If that changes I will let you know. 

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Great game, check it out!

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