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4-22-02 - I've downloaded v1.31 and will be trying it out soon! Gotta get a new pc and all that crap. Happy Fragging! 

2-25-01 - I stopped playing Q3A temporarily when the 1.27 patches came out and people were complaining about all the bugs and problems that arose. I just didnt need the hassles and also trying to get two versions of Q3A working so that I could play demos from prior versions. I will go back to playing when Id releases a patch that is a final and not a beta and works properly. However I will go back to playing before that once the new RIOTMOD is ready for play and other people are using it. 

In the meantime I'm having fun with good old Shogo and sometimes Quake2

1-7-2001 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Check out my new info page on using a LinkSys Cable/DSL Router

News About This Site from 2000 - Although why anyone would want to know beats me... :)

12-15-00 - Eh ok maybe not. Not much time lately. Bebo is gone. Oh well. Looks like for now 1.27 sucks. Check out the new Riot Arena mod now in beta! New maps and looks real cool!!!

9-3-00 - I've got the web writer bug again and after a long time with no updates I'm going to be working on an update very soon!! As my time is limited when I take time playing games I cant update the webs and when I update webs I cant play. Soooo I guess I wont be playing much but I'll be updating and working on my web skillz!!! :) I'm going to be creating a section about playing Q3 and running server under a LinkSys router since so many people are getting into that. 

7/12/00 - OK I guess that didn't last long. Malaca and Dethwish like many good gamers have
succumbed to Evercrack (or Diablo2 :-). Donations to afflict this malady may be sent to Evercrack
Users Anonymous care of this site. These days playing over at the AGQx Merc Clan Arena with the bad boys (and grrrls) of AGQx. Go check it out. And get the runtfest map for a blast. Once RA3 is done I suspect they'll be running that. 

6/29/00 - Malaca and DethWish are taking over the server I used to run for a bit. They are      resurrecting it!!!! Look for it on: 

4/29/00 - Look on the demos page for FFA and Group Pic demos from the AGQx meet!!! What a blast! Funny stuff. Stop by Ace's server for a good fragfest! .

3/5/00 - Someone I know is running a WeaponMod server! Its called Jerry Springer Must Die! Check it out in your server listing!!! I finally created my Quake3 For Dummies page!!! I'll be adding to it as I find info. Made other corrections and additions. 

2/23/00 - Just redid the Info area and the server how to area. I am now in the process of redoing this entire site. I want to classify different sources of Q3A info here. I'm also moving it to my zmax.org domain. 

2/14/00 - Out with the old, in with the new. 

1/19/00: Several things. 
1) First is unfortunately I found out today that the machine I use for the servers (which isnt mine) is going away in a month. Therefore, enjoy  it while it lasts and until I can get another machine. After that this will be a Q3A resource site. 
2) If you look at the servers in Gamespy and it appears to be password protected, go in anyway. Select nothing when it prompts you, click ok, and try to get in. I set up 1 private client for myself so I can always get in. If it says full then there is room only left for me. Except the demo server which has 3 private spots for me and friends. :-)


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