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Quake3World- Id's Q3A all around cool site, news, info, forums, files, & more! 
PC Game Console Guide & More  - Complete console guide, complete and divided by area.
John's Q3World - Tons and tons of info. You name it. Hosted on Quake3World
The Bind  - bindings for just about anything you can think of and plenty you didnt!!!
Q3 Tweak - tweak your settings to get the best performance. 
UpsetChaps Quake3 Guide  - UK Q3A guide and info. 
Stomped Q3A Guide - Stomped Q3A site . . . 
PlanetQuake - the bigguns themselves! 
Shod Demo Resource  - Stayne's House of Demos. Demos, demos, demos. 
Songs for Deathmatch  - Awesome music to frag by or just listen to!! Check it out!!! 


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AGQx--, folks, fun, faq, maps, files, servers. 
Vinster-- Vinster game PC's and New England LAN Parties
Canadian Shield - cool stuff!!


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Riot Arena -  Where Anime Arena left off. This is the real one. Go get it! Maybe in Beta still but newmaps! 
Weapon!Mod- (link gone) Completely configurable for single or multi play. Play it the way you want to!!
InstaGib - All rail, all the time, one shot kills!
Anime Arena -  Anime/Shogo inspired mod under development. (see Riot Arena)


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UK Dominion Online Q3A -  UK Map site
Madskillz Shogo Map for Q3A - Arena style play. Cool map! Converted from Shogo.
Nizcorpses Shogo Map for Q3A - Base. Excellent map, very well done, another Shogo conversion.


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House of Depleted Uranium -  The Brothers, Masters in the art of the Rail. Servers and more!
The Cage - Another server I like with Requiem Mod.


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MISC, Stuff, Stories

Final Hours of Q3A at Id -  Excellent on-line magazine article about the development of Q3A
Practically Networked LinkSys Router Review
g256 LinkSys Router Review

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