[AGQx] Shogo's Weapon!Mod Info

6-02 - I believe this mod will only work with 1.17.

2/14/00 - If you liked the servers I ran, here are the config files. Download them and run a server of your own! It's gonna be a blast! Send me the server name and ip and Ill post it. 

Here are some demos that I recorded of people playing weaponmod. Get them on the DEMOS page!!

2/11/00 - Here is what I've done. 
              1) I've made player movement much faster but not too fast (ala Shogo)
              2) Many weapons fire at a faster rate and reload faster. Gotta be fast on your feet!
              3) No homing rockets due to complaints!
              4) Spawn with Rail Gun. Rail does 150 points of damage. Almost instagib!
              5) BFG is slower but does 300 points damage. Like the good old days!
              6) Machine gun is wicked fast but only 10 points damage.
              7) Gravity is 675 (800 normal) so you get a tiny bit more lift for rocket jumps and jumping.

It seems that the web page below no longer exists....


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