U.S. Invasion Demos

(Or "World Tour" as the Brits like to call it :)

USA defends its servers under attack from those buggering brits!!!             [back]

Update 11/15/99 - For the time being, things seem to have taken a hiatus. Also compounded by the fact that
Fragshack went from 32 players to 15. Not enough room. DV ok but not great. I guess we'll see whats next.

July 29, 1999 - BACK IN ACTION BABY!!!!! USA}Yank Mine (Cycho) rulez!
DM1 200k  Fragshack
DM2 1.1mb
DM3 1mb   UK had a fiendish Railgun respawn camper by the machine gun area...
DM4 900k
DM5 170k  It was somewhere maybe here that {UKDelboy wanted the skins.... :)
                  And the Fragshackers finally heed the call for the skins!!!!


June 17, 1999 - A day that will live in INFAMY!!! 0 USA, 15 UK and man was it a massacre!
DM2   400k    All demos on server Death Valley  Unbelievable action!
DM3   500k   UK Croucher caught on tape.
DM4   350k
DM5   600k   Exclusive!!! UK}ShaggyDA caught crouching and camping at the same time!!!!!

Lift Secure  500k From UK Spizz, pretty funny. Tokay's: No one's gettin up the lift.
Roof   250k Gravity Problems on Fragshack from some hacker...

USA defends its servers under attack from those buggering brits!!!             [back]

May 27, 1999 - A day that will live in INFAMY!!! Only 2 USA but man was it FUN!! :)
DM1   300k    All demos on server Death Valley (for a change)
DM2  325k
DM3  360k
DM4  450k
DM5  500k I think here I fragged the same UK 3 times in a row! :)
DM67   1.2mb
DM8  500k

May 20, 1999 - Yea baby! Get those buggering Brits on the run!!! :)
DM4 650k
DM6 900k -- In which, horror of horrors, we see a UK CROUCHER!!!!
DM8 1.2 mb of fun!

May 13, 1999 - USA KICKED ASS!!!! Check it out!!!
DM3 500k
DM4 900k  Putty from CAN #1 but USA #2, 3, and 4!!! Way to go! :) (subject to verify on replay view)
DM5 600k

Unfortunately my video wigged out from Q3Atest so I missed DM2 and start of DM3 while
trying to fix it and then switching to software mode.

May 6, 1999 - Not a good USA turnout but it's fun to watch anyway.
DM3   900k
DM4   900k

April 29, 1999 - Oh man! What battles!
The Frag Pipe - 880kb, one to see. May have a slight problem with it....beware. Fragshack.
Q2DM4 - 730k, another must see! (I'm not the greatest player but its sheer joy as I chaingun 3 UK at once!!!! =)
Q2DM5 - 180k , brief, Death Valley server
Q2DM6 - 841k, Pure Chaos! Only the diehards left at this point on.... :)
Q2DM7 - 952k Slimy Place, chaos, jibes and gibs.
Q2DM8 - 747k

April 22, 1999 -- Canadians were on the server too so hence the filename:
Demo 1  282kb, pretty noisy as Putty floods channels....
Demo 2 155kb
Demo 3 450kb
Demo 4 921kb
Demo 5 328kb
Demo 6 576kb

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Disclaimer: If you do not realize that this is only a game and that violence in any form is bad and not cool at all, then please admit yourself to a psychiatric ward ASAP!!!