Other Demos

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Suspected Zbot user on Eclipse CTF Server 5-21-99
ctfzbot 200k

Suspected zbot on Fragshack 5-17
fragshzbot   <slight problem will ul later>

Fraggin Away on UK Demon (Absolutely INSANE!!!  ...I like it! :)
Demonfraggin on Dm5 (Dogger from CAN on also w/Jerry Springer[QoA])

Ace's Rail Haus, Some awesome insane games!!!
5-3-99 Pure Carnage!

Get the maps for the server at the packshack.

XDresser[QAMP] VS YDresser[QRAP]  (and others on Rubicon 5-7-1999)


Disclaimer: If you do not realize that this is only a game and that violence in any form is bad and not cool at all, then please admit yourself to a psychiatric ward ASAP!!!