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This is my online tribute to the excellent 1998 FPS game Shogo-MAD.

Why Shogo R00lz?! Cause SHOGO is a fantastic FPS deathmatch game that never quite took off as much as it should. Fast and furious deathmatch, the kind you're now getting into with Q3, was around two years before with Shogo. Now the Quakers (Q3A) are finding out what the Shogo folks have known for quite some time. If you see someone playing Quake2 or Q3A with the name Shogo (or Shogo[AGQx] or something) it's probably me. 

What is Shogo-MAD?

From the wikipedia entry:

"Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (昇剛: モバイルアーマーディビジョン Shōgō: Mobairu āmā dibijon) is a first-person shooter video game released by Monolith Productions in 1998. It was the first game to use Monolith's flagship Lithtech engine. The game allows the player to pilot a large mech, as well as perform missions on foot."




I had intended after updating in 2019 to post something on the GOG Shogo forum but then the pandemic happened and lost track of it.

In the last couple weeks I saw that Shogo is active on Steam and there is a community around it there.
I found two sites including one on Steam listing game servers. However on trying to connect I was unable to so I am guessing they are no longer up.
Here is that info...

This site, The Gravel Pit, lists their server IP, new Shogo mod downloads including an updated anti-cheat and patch:

Then there is Shogo

11-10-2019 - That's right!! TWENTY-NINETEEN!!

I have returned to make an update 21 years since the game's release and 17 years since the last update!!!
Why now? I don't know. It was one of those internet rabbit holes. I ran across something about Shogo and the music and then started doing some internet searches to see what was still left after all this time.
There's very little left - no Planet Shogo, File Planet, Gamespy, etc. etc. The forums at (oh hey look at that, some posts from me!) were great!!!
One of the last sites of the old school peeps is gone. demonrage had . He had a forum for us up and files and shit it was great! The last holdout! And now it's gone!!!
But I see that people are still playing it! It's now on Steam and GOG has a version. Someone released some video drivers to get it work on the latest versions of Windows. I'm running 7 so I'll have to see if I can get it to work still.
And people are still talking about it on GOG and there have been some retro look back articles about it in the last few years. Cool!

This got me thinking and I searched through my disk drives and found all my old Shogo files. Everything I used to use in online gameplay or for running servers.
I put them up here. These files are for the old standalone game. Not sure if they work with the Steam or GOG version etc.
I'll have to watch my bandwidth usage and see if there is a problem with my host or not and if maybe they need to be stored somewhere else. But for now there they are!
Anyway that's what I updated. Still plenty of broken links etc but don't have time to fix that.

A new webring was created. Check it out at the bottom. Join up! I updated my files and links pages. I put the enhanced maps file back in my tripod site. Tripod doesnt allow direct download by clicking so RIGHT click on the link and save target as to download it!!! What is the enhanced maps file?! Its a rez with all the Shogo maps better and improved. No red riot, more weapons and better spawn points on many maps. No tractor hooking on the sky in Entrance.


The Content and stuff!
Info and Links
Updates / Old News

And before I forget I must give a shout out to the Songs For Deathmatch web site and music!!! I listened to the real audio samples and then ordered both CD's as fast as I could. The music is awesome for game play or just listening to like your other CD's. 


Karoshi- the Japanese concept, to die at your desk (or to die from overwork). In service of the corporation.


My brother and I first played Shogo at a demo thing in Milwaukee in Dec 1998 at the opening of Star Trek 9. We loved it. 

Though we went on to become avid Quake2 fanatics, we still wanted Shogo.
My brother found two copies on Ebay in April '99 and we've been playing ever since. 

Who is Karoshi?

There were the first wave old skool peeps, Shogo gamers, who were the first in the community and then there was a second wave of folks. I was part of the second wave but as time went on and I spent hours and years on the servers and running a server, I was one of the last of what was left of the old school and of that community in general. The servers what was left of them were emptier and emptier. Many of the old sites came down.
To me, to us at that time it was a Golden Age of gaming. Doom, Quakes, Shogo etc. As time went on I got into Halo then Halo CE. But then I ended up spending less and less time gaming until finally I had to stop. That is just one of those things sometimes. But those games and Karoshi live on here.


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