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Karoshi Shogo Site
Updates & Etc.

Latest Update:
7-13-02 - A new webring was created. Check it out at the bottom. I updated my files and links pages. I put the enhanced maps file back in my tripod site. 

4-22-02 - There is a new forum. Also some new rez's for play on the servers. 

1-17-01 - Added Files section. 

1-7-2001 - Get the so-called enhanced Shogo maps rez here! It's 9mb zipped. I used it on my old server and it works great. It's a server side mod only that does several things. Tractoring the sky in the big open valley map is gone, all red riots have been replaced with other weapons, maps which had few weapons have more! Go get it! 

7/16/00 -- Redid the site. About time. Nothing fancy. Just a presence for Shogo. To show folks its not dead. Players are still here. 

OLD Updates:

Get the new server side anti-cheater rez fix!!!!  I'm using it!

If you've found this page, then you found my server. 

The server will currently be up from Friday night through Monday morning and occasionally whenever. Per requests I have removed the tractor beam (to avoid the RR junkies to some degree) to make it more challenging and removed ramming damage. 

Latest Update:
2/8/00 - Going into the home stretch. Final weekend. Get some OldSkool vs NewSk00l going! 

1/26: Got the enhanced Rez from Ozymandis[gXs] thanks! If all goes well I'll be running the enhanced maps this weekend!!!

1/19: This weekend I will be running 2 of Nial's maps.DM Jumper, DM_Antheon.
The machine I use for the server is going away mid Feb. Enjoy it while it lasts! After that who knows. Maybe I can get use of another machine at some point. 

11/18/99 - Added madmatch. Try it. Server will not be up during holiday periods. 

11/10/99 - Moved hosting from to my new site!!! Easier to remember that way. Server should be up weekend of 11/12-14

Th 9/2/99 - Will run the server mostly on weekends now. No people for Squishie so not now. I ran an all OF server last weekend and got some folks. This weekend I have decided to run a BEST OF MCA and OF maps. I have excluded 8 maps that I don't like or are redundant or too big for 6 people. But don't worry. Theyre all good! So come on down and FRAG! We're having a fragfest Friday night at 9pm EST! 

Fri 8/6/99 - I think I want to run a mod server since there are so many other vanilla ones out there not even being used. I looked at TOW Arena but there appear to be too many problems to run it reliably. Tonight I kicked off a Squishie2.2 server! I haven't played it yet but it looks cool! Give me feedback! 

Mon 8-2-99: I checked the log this am and saw some people had actually played on it this past weekend. One said there weren't enough weapons. The only setting I know of for weapons is respawn. I had it 1.2 and I changed it to 2.0. This will be much faster. Im not certain about all the settings so let me know if you have any suggestions. 

Tues 7-27-99 - Server initiated. I was on a server last night and mentioned that I was thinking of starting a server. Someone replied saying good, we need more servers. Looking at my Gamespy list however, I see planety of servers that are empty. I think what we really need are MORE PLAYERS! Time to get the word out!