Care Con Columbus Sept. 1994

This was a charity convention in Columbus, Ohio that featured many guests.

By David Weinstein,

Notes from Care Con Columbus 9/16-18/1994

I say notes because this is not a full blown report. When I have time at some point in the next few months I'll transcribe some of my tapes of Dorn, Sirtis, and DeLancie. In the meantime I just wanted to share with you some bits of info. No spoilers.

This was a very well (fan) run convention that was also a charity event and lots of fun with lots of guests. They had prepared for 9000 people but (perhaps due to the high $75 price) I think only about 3000-4000 showed up. (Only!) Since it was a charity event there was an unusual amount of media coverage from a local tv station, and the weather man MCed for the guests.

Voyager News:

Word is that after 5 days of shooting, Genevieve Bujold walked off the set and canceled saying that she could not handle a tv series schedule. Conspiracy theorists think it was a plot by the network to make life for her difficult so she'd quit and then they'd replace her with a male captian. Not so according to Marina Sirtis who said that she was replaced by Kate Mulgrew. Whoever that is. I'm sure I'll recognise her when I see her. In the meantime, they are about a week or so behind schedule, and Ron Moore and Brannon Braga canceled their con appearance probably due to that.

George Takei:

Entertaining and friendly as always he signed copies of his new book "To The Stars" freely and often. He told me while he signed my book that he will be appearing in an upcoming episode of Kung Fu. He will be on CBS This Morning on Monday 9/26 to promote the book. He will also be making numerous radio and personal appearances at bookstores so watch for him near you.

Grace Lee Whitney

Looked quite well and talked openly about her prior alcoholism and subsequent recovery.

Walter Koenig

Will be appearing again on Babylon 5 sometime in the future. He told a funny story about George Takei and George's laugh. Apparently on one of the cruise treks when George would walk into a room people would imitate his unique laugh. A running gag. For some unknown reason there were four french people not related to the Trek Cruise who spoke no English on board. Walter had the room next to theirs and said one day he heard them go into their room, speak a few words in French and then do the George laugh imitation.

He says he feels great and is 98% recovered from the heart attack.

Bjo Trimble

Never seen her before but she was very interesting. Her new newsletter, Space-Time Continuum, is fantastic and chock full of current information and rumours regarding Star Trek and other SF (and related) shows and personalities. You can get info by writing to Space-Time Continuum, P.O. Box 6858, Kingwood, TX 77325-6858

She is also working on an updated Concordance which is due out 9/95.

Mark Lenard

Said he was disappointed that Sarek was killed off and that he felt the character still had a lot more potential for future exploration and development.

(Note: Mark played the Klingon Commander in Star Trek The Motion Picture. Just reviewed it this past weekend with that in mind and, yup, that's him!

Marina Sirtis and Michael Dorn

Appeared on stage together. If you've seen either of them you know how entertaining they are but put these two best friends together and they become the dynamic duo!

Dorn puts his hand affectionately on Marina's shoulder for a second.
MS: Don't touch merchandise you can't afford!
MD: (after a few beats pulls out a dollar bill) I've got a dollar.....and where's my change!

When I have time I'll transcribe their appearances. Last time I saw Dorn he was casual in jeans. This time he wore a hollywood uniform of black pants and jacket and dark grey shirt. Marina was her usual sexy self both days wearing a black, sleeveless, one piece, skin tight miniskirt with black stockings and heels. Her hair was much shorter and a lighter, auburn color. Dorn seems to be losing some of his....

Someone came up and presented (?) with a Starfleet Ladies Auxilliary Shake and Bake Society and Knitting Club :-) Cook Book. This happened with one of the other guests. I don't know who they were but now I can put a face with some of your names out there. Sort of.

They were asked what it was like to work with WIlliam Shatner and Marina said they didn't but that Patrick had said that he was "a delight".

Camille Saviola

Who plays Kai-Opaka was there but I couldnt figure that from the program cause in her bio the photo looked nothing like her and didnt say what part she played on DS9. Thus imagine my shock upon seeing her and she was wearing this wild african (?) hat to cover a head with very very very short hair. She is from the Bronx and her accent and wit make this quite evident. She appeared on stage with Robin Curtis and Jon Del Arco (Hugh) and together all three were...very entertaining!

Robin Curtis

Never saw her before either but she was bubbling with enthusiasm and energy. Very friendly and likes to talk. She said she finally got a powerbook to organise her life but ends of playing Tetris till 12 midnight. Upon which she goes to bed and plays with herself. Her right middle finger gets quite a workout she said. Honest to G-d I'm not lying!!! She's says she's 38, single, and looking so I was not surprised! :-) Actually I think it was a Freudian slip cause she continued on with a straight face about playing Tetris.

John Delancie

His explanations about acting were very cerebral as opposed to Dorn and Sirtis's no-nonsense approach. He teaches acting and obviously puts a lot of thought and energy into it. He brought a paper a professor from England had sent him comparing Q to Byron saying that Q was the Byron of our times. He read some of it and it was right on target! After reading this very eloquent and intellectual piece, he invited commment on it, but the first question was how did he feel about appearing naked in one of the episodes. :-) Also very entertaining fellow.

Richard Arnold

Had a table set up in the Technology Showcase room. I asked him if it was really him and that I had heard a lot about him. He laughed and said it was all lies. He figured I'd read about him on the BBS's. I asked him what all the fuss was about and he said a few things including something about people who never worked on ST getting to be celebrities on the net. He gave a talk about Gene Roddenberry later in the day. Although I didn't get to talk to him in great detail he seemed like an OK guy to me. (Horrors!)

And thats all I can think of right now.

Upcoming Conventions:
Generations: Feb 4-5, Royal Albert Hall, London, England.
Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn,
Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner.
Note that LeVar Burton is appearing and previously I dont think he has done any cons.
Call (011 44) 71-538-3100 or email for more info. A Horizon Con.

For a listing of conventions throughout the year send mail to: Convention Contact, P.O Box 9342 WBB, Dayton, OH 45409- 9342 or call 513-222-4263


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