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11/18/2015 -  Wow almost 13 years to the day since the last update! In 2013 I started updating the site again. All the flash movies and games and video are now accessible in one form or another. I have updated/removed a bunch of old stuff but don't have time to deal with every dead link. I also added Amazon links including search for anyone who wants to support the site. Super Greg Numbah One Forevah!  
11/15/2002 -  Unfortunately the forum ended up taking up more disk space that I figured and people weren't saying much other that a lot of trash :) so I had to close it. But feel free to read the comments that are already there and to use the guestbook instead! Also check out monobrow.com with their cool new look! 


As much as it befuddles my woman, I am pleased to announce that Super Greg (Number 1!) is as popular as ever today, as during his heyday on the internet in 2000. The number of hits on this site has remained steady if not increasing at times since January of 2002 when the main Supergreg.com site went down. People now come here for all things Super Greg and they are in shock, disbelief, horror, and in awe. As well they should be! I can't even keep up the links page now as this site gets linked from so many places. I've had this site up now since about July 2001. It shall remain.

Around 1/21/2002 Super Greg was moving off the internet. Supergreg.com is gone and now belongs to the Lee Jeans Corporation (or some search engine firm). If this site wasn't here, there wouldn't be a whole lot about the man on the internet anymore. Sure there are a couple fan sites and sites with articles about him but they are being deleted after awhile. If I have them, I will mirror them after they go down. So why am I doing this?! Because I'm a complete nutcase, a whacked out fan of pop culture and weird crap on the internet. And a lot of other people like it too and enjoy this site. 

For the site to remain alive I need to ask the following: 

Please do not link directly to my images and steal my bandwidth. If you like an image and want to use it, download it to your server or web space and use it from there. Thanks!

What is bandwidth theft?
This is when you link directly to an image file (.jpg, .gif) on someone else's site instead of saving it on your own site and using it from there. Every time someone accesses your site, they access the image file on that other person's site and counts against thier bandwidth. If they have a small bandwidth allowance and/or your site becomes very popular, you could potentially use up all their bandwidth and shut down thier site. 

Thanks a lot for your help! 

What is the little red x in the square?
You freakin bastid! You linked my image in your damn post on ezboard.com or something but all you see is a little square with a red x in it. "Jeez it was working before but now its not!" I denied access to people linking to my images! Sorry Charlie!
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I banned anyone accessing the site from swirve.com. Read on for why.
If you link to my images for your pathetic forum avatar which no one can see anyway and therefore I dont know why you persist in using it, the site will be banned! 

Generally I can look up where the hits are coming from on my stats. So when I see lots of hits coming from a site I go take a look to see if it's just a link or someone trying to use my images. However in some instances the link provided doesn't work because it's a restricted forum or some kind of dynamic use that can only be recreated by the user of whatever web application it is. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that people out there love Super Greg and want to spread the word. But when lots of my bandwidth is being used and I can't track it down, I may have to assume that it's bandwidth theft. In the case of u1.swirve.com I could not track down the use and it was very large so unless someone there wants to tell me whats up you're history! (I heard from a few people about this site and it was for an avatar. . . )

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