Just who the HELL is this Super Greg anyway?!
I first heard about Super Greg from the peeps at the PlanetShogo forums. I think I saw the SuperGreg.com site some months ago and just laughed it off like what the hell is that anyway?! And then forgot about it. Then the other day (6/19/01) someone posted a link to a site (under another url about super greg is back) where someone (phaser of poundhouse.de which is gone now 1-21-2002) created a clever flash animation using the quicktime movie from the main site. And also some odd video game, DoomGreg. I and some others were wondering whether it was for real or not. Was it some bizarre, twisted Mahir thing or someone's idea of a bad joke?! Did this guy really think he was "Number One" and did he wear that horrid outfit everywhere he went?! Believe it or not there are those who thought it was for real! Besides me that is. . . Why am I always the last one to find out?! 8-)
"The whole thing is just so naïve and unintentionally stupid that it becomes unbearably funny. " 

Ok so now we have the truth revealed about Super Greg, Numba One. 

Super Greg is no ordinary mortal like Mahir. No. He is a "concept", an artificially created "viral" marketing character for Lee Jeans! Believe it or not the same company that brought us the inane, stupid and idiotic Buddy Lee are the ones who created Super Greg. Apparently Super Greg is involved in a DJ spinning contest with Buddy Lee. And stuff. Or something. See the ad .

Crass commercialism isnít the only thing disconcerting about the Super Greg site, though. The fact remains that the American public embraced this guy not because of his talents or his personality, but because they saw him as this loser with no sense of style and no sense that the worldwas laughing at him.

Maybe itís indicative of the increasingly nasty and cynical world we live in, then, that Lee Jeans would embrace this sort of shallow, elitist thinking and use an entire marketing campaign based on the timeless pastime of making fun of those we donít think measure up to our standards of cultured and cool. 

Hmmm. Interesting commentary on America (and probably elsewhere) from the Canadians. Well, I/we still thought it was damn funny!!! And clever and creative. There you have it. Shocking secrets revealed! Anyway in spite of this that didnt stop Kathy and I from playing the flash thing for about half an hour one night clicking on the buttons, playing the video game, and then watching the video from the other site. We're victims just as much as everyone else! ;-P (please note that the flash files may not work on Netscape so use IE!!!) 

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