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Found these happening Super Greg sites out on the net! Hey yo link us up here so we get on the Top NUMBA 1 in da search engine GOOGLE and others!!!! I update this page about once a month. Last update to this page: Nov 16, 2002 

Yahoo Super Greg Fan Club (they've got the videos too!!)
Super Greg Fan Club - West Coast
The "Super Greg is God Damned Fake" Site. . . 
Super Greg Wired Magazine Article!!!
How Fresh This Guy Forum Dancing Super Greg Flash Clip
German Super Greg Site Stuff Super Greg Interview
Super Greg Wannabes
Super Greg and the Traveling Guy on the WTC
SuperGregDotCom Mirror
Quake 3 Mod with Super Greg!
Something O Lado Negro da WEB
NEW! super greg RotoScope!!!

The French Like Super Greg! So Do The Germans!
Super Greg démasqué! (Unmasked!) And check out the Forum. Bekloppte Internetseiten (whatever that is. . .) 
Flash Forum (Our link is on page2) And this was linked FYI Arschgesicht (Ass Face!)
Super Greg Tribute Azad?! Some music group . . .
Berserk Forum and Topic starter
Finland:Radio Mafia
This German site has got a great link to us

People who like Super Greg and Us!
Jedi Knioht II Skins!!! DaveZilla Jan 20, 2002
Kaya 49 Super Greg Revisited 1-15-02
Matthew Spencer and Liz! Nagportal? See April 3rd entry. . . 
Damn Dirty Webpage! angelfire grrl igc
Carrasco Dude Nerd Content
Uncool Web Pages (they oughta know!)

People are talking about Super Greg!!!
(some forums require registration to view)
Tribe Magazine Forum Apex Forums, SuperGreg, Burt, and Jerry Springer!
Dont ask! LS6. . . too funny.
Twisted Monkey Gangland Forums bbsmut Cranky Man!
Stanton Magnetics

Geocities Sites Links:

Apocolypse Head

And Just for Fun: Rice Boy Page!!! AND NINJAS!!!     GAY-O-METER!


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