Yo Super Greg wtf man?!?!?!

I have resurrected the original site here. And there are links to both videos! If those links go away I will find others! SUPER GREG NUMBER 1 LIVES!!!! 

www.supergreg.com mirror

A moment of silence please. I have bad news people. On or about January 14th, 2002, the Super Greg website, www.supergreg.com, ceased to exist. It's gone. Gone baby! Some corporatation has taken it. We have no idea what happened. Since then we have not heard much from Super Greg and reports of his whereabouts and gigs have been sketchy. If you have seen him or have any information about what happened or when the t-shirts will be on sale and where can get them and if he's doing any gigs now, please

post something in the forum!! 
Long Live Super Greg #1!!!