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The date stamp on these files from my computer is between 1999 and 2001. These are the files I used with the CD game install back then. Copied from my computer here. A lot of the files have readme files with info.
I don't remember where a lot of them go or how to set them up. I would have to figure that out again it's been so long lol.
But, the Blood Wiki seems to have a good amount of information about them.
Also it looks like doing a google search on some of these reveals that File Planet has an archive of some of the Shogo files with some info. - All the maps from the Tow Arena mod - may be client side so server can match it - map - Enhanced Shogo maps - No riot, new spawn points, better weapon placements. - New Client with spectator mode (Hedo Shogo-nistic 1.0) - server side, disallow rapid fire - 2.2 patch - server side, tells people a custom map is about to be loaded - Anti-lag patch - same as last one I think - DM maps - custom maps - Squishie 2.2 allows players to choose either an MCA or a regular Sanjuro for multiplay. - Unofficial Shogo 2.2.3 Patch, same I think as anti-lag patch with readme


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Old files section outdated but left here FYI.

Files you need  to play:
2.2 Patch

Files you should probably get:
AntiLag Patch

New Client with spectator mode (Hedo Shogo-nistic 1.0)

Drestin Black's Anti Cheat rez for his server:

Server Files:
Rapid Fire Cheat Server Fix

File and Map links:
PlanetShogo Files

Shogo Maps at The Next Level

Demo Files:
New Demo Version

The Enhanced Shogo:
No riot, new spawn points, better weapon placements.
Map File


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