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Welcome to my Q2 site! Hardly state of the art but I wanted my little corner of the Quake2 world. There are many professional Quake2 gaming sites out there so I'm not even going to bother trying to compete. Herewith I present some cool stuff about Q2. Custom maps that are really cool, USA vs UK mod play, demos, and stuff. 

4/13/2003 - I've recently gotten back into playing Q2 and a friend and I have been playing a lot of the 3rd party singleplayer maps cooperatively. My old PC went down and I went on the net to look for all the old Q2 files i had. I have found that many of them are just gone or very hard to find. I am therefore putting all the files I used to have up here back up as well as some of the harder to find ones so that people can still get them. Yea it's 2003 but I and others still enjoy playing this game! 

USA v.s. UK

Custom Maps




Servers I like to play on


USA vs UK info. Click here for more info!



Cool game! Try it!