U.S.A./CAN vs UK Invasion Site

(Or "World Tour" as the Brits like to call it :)

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Ok, here's the info. Go further down for the history and details.

2/1/00 - Please note: Fragshack is gone. Theyre looking for a 32 person server. If you got one please email .
After a bit of a hiatus, the UKers are back in action. Any USA/CAN out there ready to sign up for another go?!

Theature of War:
Its the Fragshack ip: xxxxxxx
Alternate server?? Death Valley ip:

This is not a regular game of DM with your buds or others in general. ITS WAR! :) Therefore the way I see it, its ok to do what they do to win!  Camping on good weapons, armor, lifts etc. They also do respawn fragging. Im not going to be a General here, do what you gotta do to win! 

Q2 Names
The brits prepend thier Q2 names with UK} 
We do the same using: USA} or US} or CA} or CAN}
They often use fake names like Yank Shmank or Yank Killer or something. I'm gonna use: USA} Brit Schmidt. 

Please do not use a clan name or an AGQ2 tag as we are not representing them. We are reps for the good old USA/CAN/North America d00ds!!! :)

Some people are into hurling inocuous insults and others not. If you are then its a good idea to bind them. Saves time that way! And lets all say we are sorry for friendly fire
ahead of time so we dont have to do it then! :) The brits  often do that. We know youre sorry. Im sorry man! :)  Forget about it! 

Ive posted a zip file with the UK and USA skins
Thanks to Apathy[AGQ2] (mconway) for getting the USA skin and putting the USA letters on it. Im including both skins with and without lettering just so you have them. I renamed the american one with letters to USA. We'll use USA for the games.
I also included the UK skin so you can see them. Dont forget to change to USA skin at gametime! :) If anyone has another US skin they want to use then let us know so we can all have it and see it.  If Canadians want to use a Canada skin fine just make sure we get it.

Innocent Civvies
When we go in there whoever is playing on that server may not know wtf is going on. (On the other hand if they are regulars then they'll be expecting it :) Im going to send a msg telling them what web url to dl the skins and get back on. Who knows if theyll listen (they dont usually) but what the heck its worth a shot. :)
What do you do if you run into them? I dont think we should waste time trying to kill them unless you have no other option. Its up to you.

Check out the demos and other crap site! GET PSYCHED!!!!!

U.S.A./CAN vs UK Invasion Information

(Or "World Tour" as the Brits like to call it :)

The opening page is about the coolest this page is gonna get for the foreseeable future. I am not a web designer and don't have the time to make a really fancy page. So it's just going to be No Frills! :) I also want it to be easy to download and just the facts to maximize information and your time in getting the essentials. This page best viewed with Netscape and 800x600. 
Last Update: 6/21/1999        Latest News (see demos page for latest)

Invasion of U.S. Q2 Servers
Whether you know or not, the U.S. is being invaded. That's right. Our Quake II servers are under random, merciless attacks (usually on Thursday or weekend nights :) from those buggering Brits! I've seen the mayhem first hand as an observer and let me tell you it's not pretty. Are we going to let this go unanswered?! Are we just going to sit around or are we going to take up arms and rise up against the Throne?! :) The so called "Empire"?! Viva La Revolution! In the immortal words of Bill Clinton...or was that George Bush?!

This aggression will not stand!
It's time for America to act!

If you're up for the challenge, then read ahead. If not, please maintain secrecy as the element of surprise will make for a highly entertaining invasion...

The Situation  |  Intelligence  |  Offensive/Defensive Tactical Scenarios | Join Up!

You have been chosen to participate in an elite corps of marines to serve and protect the Q2 servers and honor of the United States of America from invading forces from abroad. Yea yea yea. Blah blah blah! 

Wanna get straight to it and see what's going on that'll make your blood boil for some intercontinental combat?! The UK web site is right here. Go to the World Tour section and see what I'm pumped up about! 


This is an invitation for any interested U.S.A. Quake2 player. People from AGQ2 are being contacted as that is where many of them hang out.  If are in North America (Canada, Mexico, Alaska :) and are reading this and feel you just have to be a part of this then great. 

Intelligence on the "enemy" is very easy to find and readily available. I will be listing all sources of information including web sites, skins, demos, and enemy communications transmissions. Most of the 
participants read and/or post to the newsgroup uk.games.computer.quake2 where they discuss all particulars of Quake2 including recent "World Tours"  and meets etc. They also have an associated web site for the newsgroup. Can you believe that?! Unbelievable! Kind of cool actually. Anyway, according to the web page, world tours are usually held on a Thursday night while their local meets are held on Saturday night. They get together on an IRC channel beforehand to discuss where to invade or meet. 

Intelligence on the "enemy" is very easy to find and readily available. I will be listing all sources of information. Most of the participants read and/or post to the newsgroup uk.games.computer.quake2 where they discuss all particulars of Quake2 including recent "World Tours"  and meets etc. They also have an associated web site for the newsgroup. Can you believe that?! Unbelievable! Kind of cool actually. Anyway, according to the web page, world tours are usually held on a Thursday night while their local meets are held on Saturday night. They get together on an IRC channel beforehand to discuss where to invade or meet.

The World Tour
They call it a world tour and maybe they invade other countries besides the US but basically it seems to be about invading US servers, pissing on and insulting the crouching yanks", making silly comments like "Kneel Before the Empire!" as they attack. This is pretty funny if you think about it. Wouldn't it be even more hysterical if there was a battalion of yanks waiting for them (or appearing shortly after) as they invaded busting their chops and screaming insults back like "Hey, this aint no tea and crumpet party!" or whatever.  :) The sad (or funny) thing is most of the other US players on the server only vaguely realize what's going on (or if they do its hard for them to know who to kill without the skin) and without the skin just attack anyone at random including other US players instead of the invaders! They also flood the com channel with anti-UK insults. 

They claim on the web page not to have any sort of strategy but from what I have seen and read they do. They have enough people to attack and also cover key areas such as lifts, armour, and weapons respawn and then think its funny to watch yanks running around with nothing  but blasters (unless its a decent lithium server). A good counter strategy would be to uhhh....have enough people to attack and also cover key areas such as lifts, armour, and weapons respawn and then think its funny to watch the Brits running around with nothing but blasters.

They also have their own UK skin so they know who not to attack. Funnily enough it's red, white, and blue (with a UK flag on the front and the letters U K on the back). It makes sense to develop a USA skin which looks different enough so we can tell the others apart also. If anyone wants to volunteer for that let me know. I was thinking a Desert Storm tan or green camoglouge theme would be cool with a US flag on the front and the letters USA on the back. They also have a UK Flag to go in the score section where the grunt head would usually be. So we need a USA flag for that as well.

You can also download demos of their games here and another one here
Put them into quake2\uktour\ and follow the directions from the 
readme file. Its not a typical demo. These are recammed demos with music and cuts etc. and are pretty good. Very entertaining but also motivational in the desire to  KICK THEIR ARSES!!! 
Here is another site with unrecammed demos.

Here are some discussions from the newsgroup on dejanews about the world tours. I couldn't get it all but also try clicking <next matches> at the bottom of the page: 
"Best fun I've fad with my clothes on" Try this link and also this one
"US server invasion" : two different links here and here

Here's a discussion I started (posted as "yank@usa.com" but its not there...) with an inoffensive but funny taunt about "crouching brits" that went on a few tangents: link here
One  recent WT was on April 15, 1999. Here are two demos I recorded while observing on Q2DM8 and Q2DM1. (I may have gotten the demos mixed up in my hurry to get this done...) It's not pretty and you may have to avert your eyes... :-P They invaded a server, Fragshack, which was capable of holding 32 players. There were about 17 people on the server so we could easily move in with 15 people and KICK THEIR ASSES!!!!! Or die trying!

They'll be finding out soon enough. :-)

Offensive/Defensive Tactical Scenarios

Counter Measures
Here are some scenarios which I think would be fun and I'll go over each in turn.

1) Defend servers under attack
2) Launch invasion of UK servers on Sat when they meet.
3) Invite them to a match on US and/or UK servers. 

1) Defend servers under attack
This will be quite funny the first time since assuming they don't find out beforehand it will be a big surprise.
After that it will be good to do once in a while so they wont be expecting it all the time. Or after the first concerted defense effort a few people can get together for informal efforts. 

2) Launch invasion of UK servers on Saturday when they meet.
Find out which servers they are meeting on and then invade! If we have more than 12 people we can split up into separate teams and invade numerous servers simultaneously. We can even have marathon invasion sessions spanning hours of the day going in with different teams. 

3) Invite them to a match on US and/or UK servers. 
After the initial surprise of defense/invasion wears off, maybe they'll be up for planned matches. One of them posted a reply to me on the newsgroup saying he and bunch would come over to a server I named for a match. 

Server Types and Maps/Levels
The UKers generally attack standard DM and lithium installations and maps. We should do the same. This makes it easier to know that everyone probably has all the maps and wont waste time downloading or trying to figure out a new mod. If you don't have any Renegade maps you should probably go get as 
many of them as you can as he's a popular UK map maker. Plus they're on Ace's server and they kick ass! Get the duel's and everything from rene35 and up. 
The best thing you can do to get ready for this is to know the Q2DM maps as best you can cause they sure do!

Join Up!
What You Can Do
Don't worry about whether you are an hpb or what your skillz are. I'm not that great a player but I love playing and it's all in good fun. I'm not gonna blow smoke up your ass and tell you these guys are no good. They are actually quite good especially considering the ping levels they may be at over here. However, watch my demos and you'll see they're not unstoppable as their demos would have you believe! Another reason they come out on top in thier campaign is that they can team up but the other US players there cant. But that's about to change! :)

If you are interested in any of this send me an email. More details will be given out over email than here. Let me know if you are interested in defense and/or invasions. We really need as many people as we can get for defense/invasion to really put one over on these buggers! :) 
The first defense team was ready for:Thursday April 22, 1999!!!
And kicked thier limey asses!!! 
Now it's every Thursday night starting about 6:00 pm - 6:30 US EDT. Check gamespy servers! 

Download the US/UK skins here: http://members.xoom.com/fragpipe/usaukskins.ZIP

If Canadians wish to join let us have your Canadian skin or someone make a North American skin! 

Time Difference and Connection/Ping 
There is the time difference to take into consideration which may make it difficult for some to participate. The UK is 5 hours ahead of US EDT. There is also the overseas connection and ping times to consider. The defense plan would occur on a Thursday night. The Uk'ers get together to form their team about 9pm to 11pm their time.  US EDT would be 4pm to 6pm and on. Most of the time from what I have seen the WT starts between 6pm and 6:30pm our time and can go on for two hours. They go in and invade, get out and go back to IRC, then about 7:15 or 7:30 invade again or somewhere else. I don't know how many people would be available from 6pm to 8pm. For those not on the east coast this time gets earlier and earlier and may or may not work.  However the first time will be the best as they'll be knocked off their asses by our massive defense!  People could join in as they are able.

I would guess an invasion on a late Saturday afternoon (same times as above) would have more people available. If we could get 37 people for the group pic maybe we can  get almost that many to create a massive invasion force!!! The times would be the same as for the defense plan but on a Saturday. 

Connection and Ping 
For some people it will not be a problem connecting to servers in the UK and for others it will be difficult if not impossible. Generally most people should have good enough connections to work on defense of US servers.  This is something to take into consideration when deciding to sign up for defense, invasion, or both. 
However, here are some other things to think about. 
Many of the guys in the UK invasion force end up having pings between 300 and 500 when they get here. But they don't care as they're having too much fun! So its not so much what you can do when you get there but that you're having fun doing it! :) Another thing Ive noticed is that when the internet is in evening rush hour here, its pretty clear over there. So while you might have connection problems to local servers at that time, you might find you'll get a decent connection over there. The best thing to do is fire up gamespy and look for game servers on BarrysWorld, Claranet, and Freeserve and see what your connection is like.
Don't go by what gamespy says as Ive found the ping numbers are often wrong. Connect and see what you get. 

Code of Conduct
The games are meant to be conducted in the spirit with which it was intended. Have fun. Therefore, although we will insult and taunt the enemy, trash talking and harsh language and the like is not wanted or appreciated. Some people would say that even yelling insults or taunts is childish behavior and that, hey, let's just play the game. Well, I think no matter how old or young you are, anyone into this stuff is young at heart, and therefore they still know how to have fun whatever they're doing! Thanks.


Have you read the UK Quake2 newsgroup or their web site? I started reading it when I was new to Q2 and wanted more info. I found that the Brits are Q2 crazy and have a great Q2 community thing going on and a lot of information I was looking for as a "newbie". They also created those cool bot programs like Eraser and have great web sites like telefragged and botepidemic etc. I've emailed a number of them for Q2 help and they've always been very helpful and friendly. I also posted to one of their  World Tour threads and one replied that they'd be up for a match on a server of my choosing... So this is not some serious political thing. It's a friendly,  intercontinental Q2 rivalry.  And yes, since then I've found AGQ2 has its own cool, distinct community also. And great web sites packed with info!

And they started it. And now they're going to PAY! :-)