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Paramount Raids Vulkon Convention! - May 14, 2002

Star Trek Humor!


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I attended my first Star Trek convention at 18 in the summer of 1980 with my brother. We had been watching Trek in reruns since we were about 9. When the local Star Trek Association held this convention and we were actually old enough to drive there, it was awesome! The guests were George Takei and Walter Koenig. It was really quite something to not only see the stars up close and personal for the first time but also to be around that many Trek fans all at once. Since then I attended a number of conventions in Boston where the guest  was often James Doohan. We also saw Mark Leornard, Jane Wyatt, and in 1985 in NYC I saw Leonard Nimoy. But it was not until 1993 that I posted my first con report to usenet for all to read. More will follow over time including photos! By the way for all you con report writers out there, I have just started a new web ring, so please join up!

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