Super Greg Is For Real YO!!!

My first version of the Super Greg web site contained what you see in Not. After I got the email(s), I had the inspiration to completely change it, to do the kind of tribute site that was warranted. Yes if you go to the Super Greg web site there is an email address. Chances are if you send an email you won't get a response. Super Greg doesn't have time to waste on yo ass! He's too busy spinnin an shit. In fact this is documented on one of the other lame ass sites about Super Greg. 

Yes, my first email to Super Greg went unanswered. Then when I finished the web site I sent him and email again and told him about the site. I got this reply: 

From: "super greg" <> 
Subject: Re: My SuperGreg Tribute Site!
Date: Friday, 22 June 2001 16:53:51 -0400

why U think Super Greg a fake?  Do U seek the fame and glory that comes 
along with da Super Greg "vibe"?  Do U want to own a fresh "ride" like mine? 
  Thank U for the tribute, but yo buddy, Super Greg is for real, no doubt, 
and another thing not to be doubted is that Super Greg Number 1!!!!

>From: SuperGregNumba2 < ->
>Subject: My SuperGreg Tribute Site!
>Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 15:54:33 -0400
>check it out now!

I was amazed! An actual email reply from Super Greg! No way D00d!!!! Yea way D00d!!! I thought about it and then I sent him the following reply to which I recieved this answer:

From: "super greg" <> 
Subject: Re: My SuperGreg Tribute Site!
Date: Sunday, 24 June 2001 21:34:31 -0400


send me your address and I'll send U an autographed shirt

Super greg Number 1!!!!!!

>From: SuperGregNumba2 <>
>To: "super greg" <>
>Subject: Re: My SuperGreg Tribute Site!
>Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 22:07:42 -0400
>Yo yo YO MAN WAT UP?!
>I am honored to get your email.
>I read on this fools website
>that Super Greg never emails folks back and just the fact
>that U have made me rethink my entire world view!
>In fact as a result of getting Ur email I have decided to redo my
>entire Super Greg web so that it will surely be the
>I do not seek the fame and glory that comes with da vibe,
>only da Truth and to serve.
>This email shows no doubt to me man but for the world I need more.
>I need a sign. A sign  I can show
>to the world that Super Greg IS real.
>Do U have anything, ANYTHING I can use
>that no other peeps has on a website to show to all so there
>can be no doubt?! Like some photos or movies or clips, sumptin?!
>Thanks man for keepin it real up in da field aight! Word!

So after I asked Super Greg for a sign I could use to prove to the world that he really existed, to show the world what I had just found out, he said he would send me an autographed t-shirt! 

As of right now,  I'm still waiting for that t-shirt. . . 


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