Why Activision is a great company.

To make a long story short, the president and ceo of the company sent me a free copy of Q3A. Along with Quad Damage and Quake The Offering. Why? Because of problems I had with implementing an Activision 50% off sale in April 1999. I wrote to Activision customer support then explaining the problems I had, one of which was seeing Q3A yanked after only a day (sale was 9 days) with no explanation. My letter was courteous and just explained what happened and why I was not happy. Months went by and I didn't get a reply. 

When Q3A came out in 12/99, I sent a copy of the letter to the President/CEO with a cover letter asking him to resolve the situation. Basically I wanted what was originally offered at 50% off. A week later I got a package from him with a letter saying sorry for all the problems, we hope you'll give us another chance, enjoy Q3A it's awesome! 

And yes, Q3A is FUCKING awesome!!! :-)

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