Q3A for Dummies

The basic stuff you need to know to get started.

So you have the CD and now you need to get started. RTFM!!!! :-) 

1) For more info see the files located in your C:\Quake3\Extras\Help directory.

2) Read the FAQ! Frequently Answered Questions.

3) Read the console commands listing for Q3A. You'll find many useful commands there. Info on how to use them can be found on other Q3A resource sites

4) I've compiled bits of info I run across in the newsgroups or web sites in the links to the left. There are so many sites with exhaustive sets of information and I am not reinventing the wheel here. Just laying out some basic facts people need to know and don't want to search the entire web for. 

Your best bet on using this file is to first setup all your settings and movement keys via the menu interface. Then copy q3config.cfg to autoexec.cfg. Then modify autoexec.cfg as you see fit. Do not edit q3config.cfg as Q3A updates it when you play and removes what it doesn't recognize. Also if you screw it up then your screwed. :) 

You can create other cfg files and call them from autoexec.cfg or the console. For example, let's say you want to change skins without using the menu. You can create a file called skin1.cfg and from the console type: /exec skin1.cfg .  To call another cfg file from autoexec.cfg then just put the command: exec file.cfg at the bottom. 

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