How To Run A Q3A server
Server Config Files & more

Herewith I present the basic info I have learned from running Q3A servers firsthand and research I did online to get my servers to run. This is all you need to know to get them up and running. I don't really talk about listen servers because once you know how to do all this you won't bother to run one. You can use one of those autoadmin programs that people have written, however, if something isn't setup right, if you don't know how to go in there and fix or tweak it, they won't do you that much good in the long run. I prefer to get my hands dirty and do everything by hand. If you setup your batch and config files just right, you won't need autoadmin tools. 

Here is what I suggest you do to get started:

1) For more info see the files located in your C:\Quake3\Extras\Help directory. Especially 
    c:\quake3\Extras\Help\Dedicated Sever.htm  or wherever you installed it. This file has most of the dedicated server commands you'll want to know about. 

2) Read all the console commands so you know which ones you may want to use at some point sooner or later. You can find them here

3) Planetquake has a good section about running servers and what kind of machine can support how many people and games... Quake3World has a very good server admin forum.

4) Click the links to the left for information about each topic. 

Dedicated - How to run a dedicated server, Pure server definition, using the rcon command
Maps - Different ways to setup and run your map cycles
Demos - Clients record demos client side so dont lag up your server with g_syncronousclients on
Bots -  How to use bots on your server 
Mods - How to run a mod and sample configs
Passwords - How to password protect your server and setup private clients so you and your friends can always get on.
Sample Configs - sample server config and batch files. 

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